New technology puts the brakes on distracted drivers
January 31st 2013 at 12:15 PM
CAMPBELL RIVER – A North Island auto dealership has added a new product to its retail line; one that’s designed to keep drivers safer behind the wheel.

Harris North Island Nissan has started marketing “The Textbuster”, an American product which is mounted under the dash of any vehicle and then links with a smartphone to block any incoming or outgoing texts or emails.

The product markets for approximately $199 plus installation charges and is being promoted as a way for parents to keep their young drivers safe and for businesses to keep their employees out of harms way.

Parents or employers will receive emails from the system should anyone try to tamper with the device or remove the app from the smartphones.

Harris Nissan is the first in the province to introduce the product and dealership owner Jens Nielsen says at the present time the system only works with Android phones and Blackberries but testing is underway to have the product also operate with iPhones.

A further benefit of the system is that parents and business owners can also track movements of the vehicle by utilizing the smartphone’s GPS system and will send out email notifications if the vehicle moves outside of a geographical range that the boss or parent has pre-determined for the driver.

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