Comox fire trucks now equipped with iPads
February 19th 2013 at 03:14 PM
The Comox Valley Fire Department has added a new hi-tech feature to its emergency services - iPads.

Four of its fire trucks are now equipped with the latest Apple technology, which fire chief Gordon Schreiner says will be a valuable tool that will make their job a lot more efficient.

One of the main uses of the iPad is the ability to immediately access maps that will help firefighters reach a fire or any types of emergency faster.

"We can go to the i-maps in an instant and get travel directions on how to get there for an address we're not sure of," said Schreiner. "So it sends us right to the house quickly and it should improve our response time."

As well, the iPads will give firefighters the ability to find building layouts and contacts quicker, and locate fire hydrants in the community.

"We have pre-plans for commercial buildings," said Schreiner. "So for larger buildings, we have sketches and information of who to call at 2 a.m., where fire alarm systems may be located, those kind of things. So those are all located on the iPads."

Having access to the Internet would also assist firefighters in researching problems like hazardous materials.

"It's endless what we can do with them," said Schreiner. "We're finding more and more uses for them every day."

This is something the fire department has been working on for a while.

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