Why Nanaimo? The city had everything couple was looking for
February 26th 2013 at 12:15 PM
The Daily News
Published: Monday, February 25, 2013

When Andrew Torgerson and his wife, Crystal, first considered moving to the coast from Calgary, Alta., Nanaimo didn't rank on their list of potential new locations. The family admits they had seen the Harbour City as a place to pass through on the way to other destinations. It wasn't until they made a day trip to Nanaimo that they realized the city had everything they were looking for, from beautiful views to affordable living.

What drew you to Nanaimo?
It was a number of things that (drew) us. We wanted to be close to family and we loved the idea of being around the ocean and forests again. We had lived in Victoria before Calgary. We were also tired of living in a big city and knew we wanted to settle in a place with a small town feel somewhere on the coast. About a year before we planned to move, we were visiting family in Victoria and decided to take a day trip to Nanaimo. We had always passed through (the city) and had never really stopped to see it. It was just beautiful, unexpected (and affordable). We absolutely loved it.

What challenges have you faced in settling in Nanaimo?
For me the challenges were the typical ones that happen when you move to a new place: starting up a new business, growing a network and meeting new people. (My family and I) had to get out more. We joined the Oceanside Church and that was really great in helping us meet a lot of new people.

How have you integrated here and what do you bring to Nanaimo?
Things have gone really well. We have been able to make new friends and my business (Surface and Edge 3D Laser Scanning) is doing well. I have been able to get connected with local businesses and create my own network. My kids are home schooled and they have been able to really get connected to the home school community. We just love it here. (As for what he brings: ) I would say a love for people and definitely my business and innovative thinking. I love working on the cutting edge of technology and stretching the boundaries of what people had been capable of doing in the past. I also think that I add to the high tech industry coming to Nanaimo. The city is seeing a lot of people with high tech skills coming here, because it's a great place to develop business and has great accessibility. You can hop on a float plane and be in Vancouver in 15 minutes.

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