Entrepreneurs make their pitch at first Pub Summit
May 10th 2013 at 08:30 AM
Friday, May 10, 2013
By Robert Barron, Nanaimo Daily News

Entrepreneurs make their pitch at first Pub Summit

Variety of presenters from local high-tech industry put their innovative ideas in front of four judges

If you ever find yourself stuck in a long lineup at your local coffee shop with your impatient kids driving you crazy, Thorsten Drobnik from CupHub has a solution for you. The computer scientist from Qualicum Beach has developed an app that contacts your local Tim Hortons, Starbucks and other coffee locations to give your order and the time it will be picked up so the frustrating line ups will be a thing of the past. Drobnik was one of seven presenters from the local high-tech industry who pitched their ideas in front of four local judges, consisting of business and community leaders from the region, and a room full of people at the Nanaimo Pub Summit at Fibber Magees last night.

The winner, who was announced after press time, will be given the opportunity to present their ideas and concepts to some of the most powerful and influential financial backers in the world at the Dublin Web Summit in Ireland in October.

Other pitches included Rod Szasz from Nanaimo's Fire Boss, who presented his innovative fire hose that can quickly cover several acres of interface property in the event of a forest fir; 

Sasha Srdic, the owner of Nanaimo's Ease Cuisine who has created a kitchen device that easily removes cores from fruit and vegetables; 

Rick Langston from Glacial Bay Organic Clay Inc. that processes cosmetic ingredients from nutrient-rich clay collected from a glacier located in the province's Interior. Langston said his clay is a "rare deposit" and he's confident it will be embraced by the international cosmetic industry if it becomes widely known. "It's been a struggle for us to get our product recognized so were excited to make our pitch at the pub summit and hope for the chance to go to Dublin," he said. "We're hoping to make an impression on potential invest-ors and see where we go from there."

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