Silicon Valley Billboard Luring Entrepreneurs Cost Canada $16K
June 5th 2013 at 02:55 PM
Silicon Valley Billboard Luring Entrepreneurs Cost Canada $16K

Written by: Tobi Cohen
Published: May 23, 2013, 3:23pm

OTTAWA — A massive billboard outside the San Francisco airport luring Silicon Valley’s best and brightest to Canada cost the federal government $16,000 US, Postmedia News has learned.
Meant to coincide with a four-day trip last weekend by Immigration Minister Jason Kenney during which he plugged Canada’s new start-up visa for immigrant entrepreneurs, the government considers it money well spent.

Alexis Pavlich, a spokeswoman for Kenney, said the billboard has “massively increased awareness of the new program among the world’s innovators” who previously knew nothing about it.
“This advertisement was modest in cost and has had a more effective impact than an ad campaign that cost significantly more would have,” she said.

“The talented entrepreneurs that Canada is targeting through this start-up visa ad will hopefully choose to come to Canada to start their businesses, create jobs and help fuel economic growth.  It is therefore very important that we ensure that the world’s best and brightest are aware of Canada’s new start-up visa.”