Women Exit Tech sector as Mentors Fail to Materialize
February 9th 2015 at 12:32 PM
Posted by BCIC
November 18, 2014

More than half of female MBA-holders working in technology firms leave the industry because of male-dominated business culture, a new report reveals.

For the first few years after Nicole Reader founded her own tech company in 2008, she always felt like an outsider when attending conferences. “It was all brilliant scientists and engineers,” the CEO of The Modern Mirror said. “There’s only a handful of women. No one would speak with me. I’d walk into a conference and people would call me a Barbie doll.” Investors told Reader she would need a male co-CEO to help her run the company, and she seriously considered leaving the tech industry to start a new business. 

An October report from Catalyst Canada, a non-profit organization focused on expanding opportunities for women in business, found Reader’s experiences were all too common.

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