Province supports job training in the technology sector
May 25th 2015 at 04:11 PM
Province supports job training in the technology sector

Published by BCIC
May 25, 2015 | Blog

VICTORIA - The Government of B.C. is providing $6 million, through the BC Innovation Council (BCIC), to support the growth and success of the province's vibrant technology sector while furthering the momentum of the BC Jobs Plan. 

This funding provides students the opportunity to build desired skills while being exposed to future career possibilities, simultaneously connecting companies to knowledgeable and passionate students who can be trained to meet their needs.

BCIC Tech Works, delivered through BCIC, unites students with valuable training opportunities at innovative companies in B.C.'s technology sector through the BCIC Innovator Skills Initiative and BC Tech Co-Op Grants Program.

Increasing support for this quickly expanding sector is vital as technology touches almost everything we do in our daily lives and plays a role in all industries: from wireless to big data, robotics, wearables and genomics. BCIC Tech Works facilitates knowledge transfer and innovation in the technology sector which can impact and advance all other industries from healthcare to our traditional resource industries including mining, forestry, energy and more. 

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