BC's "mad computer scientists" revolutionizing the video gaming industry
November 28th 2016 at 01:16 PM
BC’s “mad computer scientists” revolutionizing the video gaming industry

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When Conan Reis, founder of SkookumScript, told colleagues in the video gaming industry that he was writing a new programming language, they told him he was nuts. That’s when his title became “Chief Mad Computer Scientist.”

Now, this mad computer scientist is revolutionizing how video games are written, and is set to take the global video game industry by storm. “The industry has never had an off-the-shelf, video game-specific language, meaning engineers have been forced to develop games using general-purpose coding languages like C++,” said Conan. “This means that gaming scripts are inefficient and error-prone, and are usually scrapped and reinvented for each game at considerable time and expense.”

SkookumScript is a game-specific language that even the most inexperienced coder can use. Where a certain action in a game – such as having three robots race each other – might take 70 pages of C++ code to accomplish, SkookumScript can make the same action in six lines of code. Not only can this save the gaming industry money, it will also make games much faster to produce, with fewer backend issues.

“It’s also great news for independent gamers – a growing niche in the market – who don’t always have the expertise, time and resources to compete with the big gaming companies,” Reis added.