#BCTECH Summit – Counting down the weeks!
February 2nd 2017 at 09:00 AM
#BCTECH Summit – Counting down the weeks!

February 2, 2017

As the #BCTECH Summit creeps closer and closer, Innovation Island is getting excited to be part of BC’s largest tech conference.  On March 14th and 15th, the #BCTECH Summit will take over the Vancouver Convention Centre (and covering even more space than the inaugural year)! This is an opportunity not only to bring together BC’s vibrant and innovative tech community but also the convergence of traditional industries, business leaders, government and academia that are now adopting tech in all facets of their businesses and programs. 

We’re excited to see the variety of sessions that the #BCTECH Summit has planned from agtech and digital media to cleantech. While the #BCTECH Summit will highlight a cross-sector of industries, we are the super keen about the stream dedicated to Data. 

Big Data and IoT Are Creating a Smart Global Economy

In a highly-connected, tech-forward world, every industry is a tech industry. All areas of BC’s economy require innovative thinking, IoT and ubiquitous data and technology to deliver products and services which support every other sector – from construction to healthcare, telecommunications to finance and everything in between. 

“Big Data and IoT Are Creating a Smart Global Economy” stream at the #BCTECH Summit will provide insight on the possibilities and practical applications of innovative technology in energy, ITC, transportation, aviation, aerospace and so much more. 

Set on the opening afternoon of the #BCTECH Summit, the stream will explore globally relevant topics including the importance of data and connectivity in the digital age and how “smart cities” are using tech to improve efficiency and quality of life for their citizens. Learn from leading BC organizations on the integration of data analytics, algorithms and machine learning to achieve success. For an other-worldly view, hear how data collected from earth observation satellites is being used to transform our traditional industries. End your day at the craft beer station and sit in on an eye-opening conversation on autonomous vehicles.

Check it out at bctechsummit.ca