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How to Apply

Any companies that have interest in the Venture Acceleration Program, must first complete the application form  The application will then be reviewed. The company will be contacted and a date for an intake session and standard pitch deck will be provided.

Selection Process 

All companies will use the standard pitch deck during the intake interview.  The selection committee will consist of an EiR, the Executive Director, and a Mentor.  All members will review the intake forms, pitch session, and contact the entrepreneur soon after the interview for follow up.


Click here to Apply. For more information contact Innovation Island

The Venture Acceleration Program, an Initiative of BCIC

The BC Venture Acceleration Program is a structured venture development program that helps early-stage entrepreneurs in BC grow their companies.

Offered through regional partners in the BC Acceleration Network and led by a dedicated Executive in Residence (EIR), the program encourages a disciplined approach to growing a technology company.

The Venture Acceleration Program delivers:
  • A structured approach to growing a company, the Venture Growth Model 
  • Ongoing coaching from experienced Executives in Residence (EIRs)
  • Access to knowledgeable mentors and their networks
  • Valuable opportunities for networking

Program Highlights 

The Venture Acceleration Program will help you:
  • Learn from successful technology entrepreneurs
  • Critically evaluate the fundamentals of your business idea
  • Develop your entrepreneurial skills
  • Overcome barriers to success
  • Prepare your company to be investment-ready.
  • Network with peers who share your goals and challenges

Most importantly, the Venture Acceleration Program will help you define a business model for sustained growth and profitability.

The cost of the Venture Acceleration Program is $200/month – an extremely affordable alternative to an executive-level consulting fee rate of $2,000-$3,500/month for comparable services.

Find out more at www.bcacceleration.ca
Do you have an innovation that changes the way things are done?
Then the Venture Acceleration Program is for you! 

Acceptance to the Venture Acceleration Program is based on an application to the program followed by an assessment completed during an interview with the entrepreneur by the EiR and Executive Director.